Our Sunday 10 am Worship resumed August  30th, 2020, however as of November 26th we are returning to virtual worship via pre-recorded ‘Sunday Videos’

You are welcome to join us at:

  • our Zoom 9am Matins (Mon-Sat); contact the office to be signed up

  • our Hybrid 9am Matins (Fridays only); contact the office to be signed up for Zoom, or to register for ‘in-house’ attendance MAX. 5 people AS OF NOV. 26TH

  • our in-house 11am Wednesday Eucharist (must pre-register by contacting the office) also ON HOLD AS OF NOV. 26TH

Join us for worship and liturgy at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays once the current health/safety restrictions are lifted.

Typically, Sunday services are held at 10:00 am and alternate between the traditional (BCP: Book of Common Prayer) and contemporary (BAS:  Book of Alternative Services) format. In addition to the Sunday service, St. Paul’s also holds a Chancel Eucharist service each Wednesday from 11:00-11:30, to which all are invited to attend.  Also, we hold a Matins (Morning Prayer) service every Friday from 9-9:30 am, to which all are welcome.  Please practice social-distancing protocols and wear a mask at all times.  If you have any symptoms of COVID19 or any other contaqious illness, please reschedule your visit for another time.

We have Sunday school programs

Typically, Sunday school programs run each week during the service, and the Sunday school program finishes in time to allow all members of the St. Paul’s spiritual family to enjoy Communion together.  As of Nov. 26th, these too are on hold for now.

Music is an important feature of our worship

Music features prominently in the spiritual life of St. Paul’s, and worship services are enhanced through the work of the church’s extremely talented music team. Traditional services feature the St. Paul’s choir and music provided by the church’s grand organ. During contemporary services, music is provided by an instrumental ensemble featuring singers, as well as a variety of woodwind, percussion and stringed instruments.

All are welcome

St. Paul’s welcomes all baptized Christians to partake in Communion, and invites all others to come to the Lord’s table for a blessing.  Please note that current Provincial Health protocols are being implemented (masks required, etc.).

Worship calendar and events

Click on the links below to view our current liturgy schedule:  2020-2021 Liturgies and Readings–Thanksgiving Sunday to Lent I–R


Curious about the quality of preaching at St. Paul’s? To hear previous sermons visit https://soundcloud.com/st-pauls-Halifax


Apostles Creed Videos

Throughout the summer of 2020, for several weeks, our Divinity Intern Benjamin von Bredow published a series of short videos discussing the Apostles’ Creed. You are encouraged to use them as aids for re-considering and deepening your engagement with the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Each week there was also a resource sheet that he created, which had the text of the video, and a series of questions intended to spark personal reflection on themes from the Creed.
The link to the first video, on the words, “I believe,” is here:


         week 2 = https://youtu.be/OlbL-RORkWY
         week 3 = https://youtu.be/lvkeR3BQGcM

week 4 = https://youtu.be/_CGGKhyGvKA

         week 5 = https://youtu.be/Xo1dO5jZfbI

week 6 = https://youtu.be/vsY1I_M03dk

week 7 = https://youtu.be/sVSJXOxPju0