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Sunday services are normally held at 10:00 am and alternate between the traditional (BCP: Book of Common Prayer) and contemporary (BAS:  Book of Alternative Services) format. Sunday school and nursery programs run each week during the service, and the Sunday School program finishes in time to allow all members of the St. Paul’s spiritual family to enjoy Communion together.   St. Paul’s welcomes all baptized Christians to partake in Communion, and invites all others to come to the Lord’s table for a blessing.  For now, during Covid19, we have recorded Sunday Services for  parishioners to view.  Please contact our office to be added to this email list.

Unless a Sunday closure is posted on this page by 8.00 am on the day, the church will be open for the scheduled liturgy. (We also post on our Facebook page and send a parish email to those who have subscribed to this list, as well as edit our voicemail notice for those who do not use our website or Facebook).





On Sunday, Dec 23rd, 2018 our Artist-in-residence completed his visual Advent narrative and display … the 4th Advent print. After the liturgy, Nathan facilitated a printing session at the back of the church (rear Nave) where all could see the original carvings and folks were invited to make a print for themselves! Thank you Nathan Little for always sharing your exciting ideas with our congregation (and including them)!

At our Epiphany Sunday service again this year, Nathan’s ‘Journey of the St. Paul’s Magi’ was recapped via our Powerpoint for the congregation.  This was the second year that our Artist-in-Residence took St. Paul’s Facebook followers on a tour of Halifax from the perspective of our mini wooden Magi figures … much to the delight of everyone!

Create Space:  Drop in and check out our community art space – (currently working on tile mosaics)!  All are welcome (FREE, kids ages 3+ please).  This Parish House Studio workshop runs every 2nd week until the end of June/yearly. Feel free to talk to Nathan or email him (, or see the poster at the back of the church, or check out the Facebook ( or Instagram page for more information.

Nathan’s talents help teach the word of the Gospel on a regular basis at St. Paul’s.  During Holy Week, in 2018 he provided our congregants with wonderful visuals of the ‘7 stations of the cross’.  These artistic expressions had a deep impact on many parishioners as they listened to The Word.

In 2019, his “Inward/Outward, Visual Perspectives on St. Paul’s Church” event was a photo series exploring St. Paul’s place in the city of Halifax from the point of view of neighbours, passersby, and members.
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What a great success this was as well, folks were submitting their own unique perspectives of our building on Facebook!  Here is one of these great shots (#1, actually):




Music features prominently in the spiritual life of St Paul’s, and worship services are enhanced through the work of the church’s extremely talented music team under the direction of the multi-talented Andrew Killawee. 

Traditional services (BCP) feature the St Paul’s choir, and music provided by the church’s grand organ.


During contemporary services (BAS), music is provided by an instrumental ensemble featuring singers, as well as a variety of wood wind, percussion and stringed instruments (our Music Team).   

Here is a link to BLESSING – CANADA, a wonderful compilation of music from various churches across Canada (including St. Paul’s):

Other examples of the ‘music of St. Paul’s’:  our talented Musician-in-Residence (Ian Bent) hosts occasional concerts with original material such as ‘Meditations’ (piano solos to accompany the spirit of the Lenten Season),

as does a well-known member of our congregation (Mark Flowerdew) who facilitates a concert to kick off Holy Week, sharing his appreciated original material.  Mark & his family have been long-time parishioners & volunteers with St. Paul’s.

A warm ‘thank you’ to The Ottawa Children’s Choir for their splendid performance, all volunteers for their assistance and all 100 attendees for facilitating this wonderful evening and collectively generating $418 for St. Paul’s Outreach programs in May 2018!

September 22’18, at 8:00 pm: St. Paul’s was excited to host “The North” – a jazz quartet featuring two of Canada’s acclaimed multi-JUNO award winning musicians – David Braid (piano) and Mike Murley (saxophone) – along with a formidable rhythm section comprised of Danish drummer Anders Mogensen and Finnish bassist Johnny Aman. (Their recording “The North” won the 2018 JUNO Award for Jazz Album of the Year).

And then there was October 13th’s “Choirs For Change”! St. Paul’s very own Jack Bennet conducted a choral work by Jason Noble, here at St. Paul’s as part of this year’s Nocturne Event in Halifax.


Other Successful Events of St. Paul’s

In lieu of listing all of the wonderful happenings at St. Paul’s, here are just a few to give you an idea of how energetic our parish is:

Our ‘Green Planet Supper’ June 2019 fundraiser was the best annual fundraiser to date!  Thanks to food/cash donations plus ticket sales, we produced over $3,250 for our Outreach activities.  A sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone who contributed, and made it  so successful, especially those at the helm (our Chancel Group!).

THE TULIP TEA (June 2018) brought over 100 visitors who gathered to share in music, food, silent auction and most of all … fellowship!  The net result from that event was $2,546.00. The monies were applied to St. Paul’s Outreach Activities: 1) The Fish; 2) The Rector’s Discretionary Fund; and 3) The Wednesday Lunch.

And then we had the over 1,100 visitors that came through our doors for DOORS OPEN 2018 … it was our pleasure to have you and we hope to see you back in June 2019!  ‘Thank you’ to the volunteers of St. Paul’s who donate their weekend to this event, we couldn’t do it without you!

September 2018 gave The Zuppa Theatre Co. an opportunity to share their impromptu skits for a week at St. Paul’s.

‘Happily busy’ would be the perfect short description of St. Paul’s!


And please mark your calendar for these regular events that occur yearly:

Remembrance Day

We were again grateful to the volunteers of our HOT CHOCOLATE TEAM for hosting this annual offering and also grateful to those who visited us after the Civil Ceremony on The Grand Parade.


Christmas On The Grand Parade