In Memoriam for Victims of the Halifax Explosion

The Lost Memo­r­i­al”

St. Paul’s church was one of the few Hal­i­fax church­es to with­stand the Hal­i­fax explo­sion — and records sug­gest it was the only church able to orga­nize a ser­vice the next day. While the spe­cif­ic events of that ser­vice are a mys­tery — its was sure­ly a somber affair — with church pews sur­round­ed by coffins — with more than 300 church fam­i­lies dead, dis­placed or injured — and with the church hall trans­formed into a makeshift hos­pi­tal and relief sta­tion. In the “Lost Memo­r­i­al” we re-cre­ate what words might have been spo­ken in this trag­ic set­ting. What songs would have been sung? What might the church have looked like? Most impor­tant — where did the peo­ple of Hal­i­fax even begin to look for hope?

In Memo­ri­am for Vic­tims of the Hal­i­fax Explo­sion

Decem­ber 6, 1917 — Two thou­sand were killed in the explo­sion of a muni­tions ves­sel. More than 6000 were left injured and home­less. The City — Scarred for­ev­er.

Fea­tur­ing: David Chris­tensen, Karis Tees and The St. Paul’s Junior Choir, El Jones, Ben Stone, Ian Bent -St. Paul’s Musi­cian in Residence,The St. Paul’s Senior Choir,

and Spe­cial Guests includ­ing Lukas Pearse on Exte­ri­or Pro­jec­tion Art & Design

Wednes­day, Decem­ber 6, 2017, 7 pm At St. Paul’s Church

The prayer of all peo­ple here, of all creeds or no creed, must be ‚‘God grant so sad a sight may nev­er be wit­nessed here again’”