March 14, 2016

It’s been a very dynamic time within the sponsorship committee.
On Feb 29 the family landed at Stanfeild Airport, to fanfare and news cameras.
For the past two weeks they have been hosted at the Otley residence, and if all goes well, will be in their own apartment in Clayton Park the week of March 14.
Activity on the family side has included outings for winter clothing, sightseeing, mosque visit, ferry and bus orientation, doctors appointments and settlement administration.
Backstage, the group has made all the necessary plans for the transition to an apartment, service connections, insurance, furnishings, kitchen and bedroom supplies and moving-in assistance. Additionally, the two older children are registered with CSAP and employment and training options are being reviewed for Mamoun.
Should you like further information on this sponsorship, the committee, or wish to contribute, please contact the Parish Office.

Feb 29, 2016

Evening post; words of Ekhlas Alloh… ‘my children are happy for the first time in 5 years and now they have hope for a good future, thank you, everyone!’

Feb 29, 2016

Today, St. Paul’s Anglican Church welcomes the Mamoun Almasalmeh and Ekhlas Alloh Family to Halifax. Please join us at the Airport at 1PM.

February 14 , 2016   From our Parish Refugee Sponsorship Committee

We are pleased to report that, on January 12, the father had a successful interview with the Canadian embassy and, also, that the family have had their medical examination. We have since learned that Canadian Immigration have now received the medical reports and are awaiting their approval.  Once they are approved, the family’s flight will be booked! Please continue to keep them in your prayers as they prepare for their new life in Canada. For more information on household goods needed, or to make other contributions, please contact the parish office.

January 8, 2016   From our Parish Refugee Sponsorship Committee

We are happy to announce that, as the result a request for assistance made to Andy Fillmore, MP,  we have learned that the father has an interview with Canadian authorities on Tuesday, January 12.  This is a necessary step prior to the family’s being approved for a flight to Canada.  This is very hopeful news, however, as was announced in church a week ago, the family also has an interview scheduled (date unknown) with the French embassy with a view to their being accepted as refugees by France. Let us continue to keep the family in our prayers, asking that God will watch over them and keep them safe in the days ahead … wherever they eventually end up!


Here is a list of household items needed to set up a suitable living space as suggested by ISANS.  The Committee at St. Paul’s will have access to some storage space for small items. Arrangements may be possible for larger furniture items that are being donated but cannot be held by the donor until we have found suitable housing.

Please contact Martine Osler (via the Parish Office
with information regarding any items you would like to donate.
It will be helpful if you are able to send along a photo and measurements of pieces of furniture.

On behalf of our Committee, Thank you!

December 04, 2015   From our Parish Refugee Sponsorship Committee

Since it’s mid October formation, the St. Paul’s Refugee Sponsorship Committee has met three times. The outcome: an application was submitted, and Sunday November 29th, we were informed that a family could be with us by the end of the year.

The pace of the week picked up, as noted in this weeks Committee communication

“Much has happened in the few days since our announcement last Sunday.  For various reasons, mainly logistical, we have learned that it will be three or four months before we receive our refugee family.  The good news, however, is that: a) we now have the names of the Family we will be welcoming and b) we will have more time to prepare for their arrival. We hope to be put in touch with them in the next few weeks.  More details will be provided as they become available.”

We are welcoming a Family of five, and direct communication with the Family has been initiated.

If you would like to consider making a donation to the St. Paul’s Refugee Sponsorship program, please click here Pledge Form or call the Parish Office.


St. Paul’s Anglican Church (Halifax) Refugee Sponsorship Committee- sent to the members of the three levels of government in whose constituency St. Paul’s Church is located.

Nov 3, 2015
Good morning,
I am writing to you on behalf of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Halifax, and its Refugee Sponsorship Committee.
Like many in our community and, indeed, across Canada, the congregation of St. Paul’s Anglican Church has been moved to respond to the ongoing tragedy in Syria in some practical fashion.  At an extraordinary meeting of Parish Council on Tuesday, October 13, 2015, the following motion was passed unanimously: ‘That Parish Council both endorse and fully support the establishment of a committee with the mandate to engage with the Sponsorship Agreement Holder and to raise funds as required, select and sponsor a refugee family or families to settle in Halifax, and to provide support as required to permit the establishment of a family home’.  [In our case, the Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) is the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island].
As required by the SAH, with and through whom we will be working, St. Paul’s Church has established a Refugee Sponsorship Committee, with the Rector, the Rev’d Dr. Paul Friesen, as Honorary Chair.  Already, over $23,000 has been raised in cash and pledges from our congregation.  Our committee has wide representation from the congregation, including our youth, and has received commitments for greater involvement on the ground once the family or families arrive.
Our purpose in writing to you now is: a) to inform you of this initiative by the congregation of St. Paul’s Church, and b) to solicit your assistance, should this be necessary, in expediting the process of bringing in and settling a refugee family or families.
We look forward to keeping you updated periodically on our progress.
Bill Lord,
St. Paul’s Anglican Church Refugee Sponsorship Committee

Update from Parish Council and St. Paul’s Refugee Sponsorship Steering Committee
18 October 2015
On Tuesday evening, 13 October, St. Paul’s Parish Council unanimously approved in principle the proposal of the Refugee Sponsorship Committee to proceed with plans to bring a refugee family to Halifax. The motion (found in today’s leaflet) was coupled with commitment and support for the task.
We have all become aware of the plight of refugees in several nations, but most especially from Syria, now in the fifth year of a brutal civil war. The UN tells us that there are 4 million refugees outside the country with little hope of returning to Syria safely. Half of these uprooted are children who have been traumatised by war, robbed of an education, forced from their homes and living in exile.
We cannot look away. We along with many faith communities in the city will do what we can to help. Our present plan is to work through our Diocese which is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Our involvement would require the support – financially and physically, of our congregation. While the process can last many months there two stages. The first requires fundraising ($15,000) so that we can make application (see gift/pledge form). In addition to fundraising, the second phase will require much more engagement: preparations for the family’s arrival and all that entails as well as assisting them through the first year in a new home. We look forward to that time.
For more information on making a contribution, please contact the office.

Pledge Form


The St. Paul’s Refugee Family Sponsorship Committee Structure:

Honorary Chair- Paul Friesen, Rector

Derek Hounsell – Co-ordinator and Treasurer

Secretary – Bill Lord

John Osler – Asst. Co-ordinator