FISH Coffeehouse and/or the Wednesday Lunches Contribution List

Please con­sid­er bring­ing one or more non-per­ish­able food items as a Thanks­giv­ing offer­ing. All items col­lect­ed will be used to help those who attend The FISH Cof­fee­house and/or the Wednes­day Lunch­es, two of our val­ued out­reach pro­grams.

In order to pro­vide the most need­ed items, please select from the fol­low­ing lists:

The FISH Cof­fee­house

• Cook­ies
• Tea bags (herbal)
• Hot choco­late pow­der
• Apple juice ( large can)
• Frozen juice
V8 Juice

Rector’s Lunch

• Long grain rice
• Small pas­tas (mac­a­roni, penne, shells)
• Canned beans (kid­ney or white)
• Canned toma­toes (diced or ground)
• Split green peas (bag)
• Red lentils (bag)
• Bouil­lon cubes (beef, chick­en, or veg­etable)
• Low sodi­um chick­en broth ( can or tetra box)
• Toma­to juice (large can)

The LORD will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its har­vest. Psalm 85:12