On Sunday, Dec 23rd, 2018 our Artist-in-residence completed his visual Advent narrative and display … the 4th Advent print. After the liturgy, Nathan facilitated a printing session at the back of the church (rear Nave) where all could see the original carvings and folks were invited to make a print for themselves! Thank you Nathan Little for always sharing your exciting ideas with our congregation (and including them)!

At our Epiphany Sunday service again this year, Nathan’s ‘Journey of the St. Paul’s Magi’ was recapped via our Powerpoint for the congregation. This was the second year that our Artist-in-Residence took St. Paul’s Facebook followers on a tour of Halifax from the perspective of our mini wooden Magi figures … much to the delight of everyone!

Create Space: Drop in and check out our community art space – (currently working on tile mosaics)! All are welcome (FREE, kids ages 3+ please). This Parish House Studio workshop runs every 2nd week until the end of June/yearly. Feel free to talk to Nathan or email him (nathanlittleart@gmail.com), or see the poster at the back of the church, or check out the Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/787059005007783/) or Instagram page for more information.

Nathan’s talents help teach the word of the Gospel on a regular basis at St. Paul’s. During Holy Week, in 2018 he provided our congregants with wonderful visuals of the ‘7 stations of the cross’. These artistic expressions had a deep impact on many parishioners as they listened to The Word.

In 2019, his “Inward/Outward, Visual Perspectives on St. Paul’s Church” event was a photo series exploring St. Paul’s place in the city of Halifax from the point of view of neighbours, passersby, and members.
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What a great success this was as well, folks were submitting their own unique perspectives of our building on Facebook! Here is one of these great shots (#1, actually):