Reverend Debra Burleson, St. Paul’s Honorary Assistant

Debra B











The Rev. Debra Burleson is the For­ma­tion Direc­tor for the Dio­cese of NS-PEI.  She works with all Angli­cans at the Atlantic School of The­ol­o­gy who are prepar­ing for ordi­na­tion as priests.  Pre­vi­ous­ly, she was rec­tor of a rur­al parish and Archdea­con for the East­ern Shore, and served as priest-in-charge of St. Luke’s in Dart­mouth.   Debra was away from the church until her mid-for­ties, when she began attend­ing St. Paul’s and St. George’s in Hal­i­fax.  She was received as an Angli­can at St. Paul’s in 1999, and retired ear­ly from direct­ing the Muse­um of Nat­ur­al His­to­ry in order to study the­ol­o­gy.  St. Paul’s became her “home base” in 2015.  She appre­ci­ates the integri­ty of both forms of litur­gy at St. Pauls, finds singing in the choir very prayer­ful, and val­ues the preach­ing.  She is in oth­er parish­es from time to time to preach or to observe her stu­dents.