Reverend Debra Burleson, St. Paul’s Honorary Assistant

Debra B











The Rev. Debra Burleson is the Formation Director for the Diocese of NS-PEI.  She works with all Anglicans at the Atlantic School of Theology who are preparing for ordination as priests.  Previously, she was rector of a rural parish and Archdeacon for the Eastern Shore, and served as priest-in-charge of St. Luke’s in Dartmouth.   Debra was away from the church until her mid-forties, when she began attending St. Paul’s and St. George’s in Halifax.  She was received as an Anglican at St. Paul’s in 1999, and retired early from directing the Museum of Natural History in order to study theology.  St. Paul’s became her “home base” in 2015.  She appreciates the integrity of both forms of liturgy at St. Pauls, finds singing in the choir very prayerful, and values the preaching.  She is in other parishes from time to time to preach or to observe her students.