Associate Priest — Michael Tutton

The Rev’d Michael Tut­ton became the asso­ciate priest at St. Paul’s Angli­can Church in Decem­ber 2018. He is cur­rent­ly a mem­ber of the Com­mu­ni­ty of Asso­ciate Parish Priests, a non-stipen­di­ary, part-time min­istry in the Angli­can Church of Cana­da. Michael com­plet­ed his priest­ly for­ma­tion at St. Paul’s and stud­ied towards his Mas­ter of Divin­i­ty at the Atlantic School of The­ol­o­gy while con­tin­u­ing in his three-decade long career as a pro­fes­sion­al jour­nal­ist, cov­er­ing many of the sem­i­nal events of Atlantic Canada’s recent his­to­ry. He is mar­ried to Catharine Tut­ton, the CYED direc­tor at St. Paul’s, and has two adult daugh­ters, Jen­nifer and Rosa­mond, who were brought up in Dartmouth’s Austenville neigh­bour­hood. He became a pos­tu­lant while teach­ing Sun­day school and play­ing his gui­tar in the church choir at Christ Church. Michael was bap­tized by the Rev. Frances Dro­let-Smith at Christ Church on April 3, 1999, with­in a year of com­ing to the church at the invi­ta­tion of a friend.