My Week on Welfare

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A DVD of Jackie Torrens’ documentary My Week on Welfare can be shown to small groups in a workshop type format is available.

The workshop uses the film to highlight and discuss issues related to ESIA policies in the context of  the experiences of the welfare recipients Jackie interviews. The ESIA program, as you probably  know, is to undergo a process of transformation in the coming year. The film and workshop will  help participants understand why the system needs to change and what kind of changes are  needed in order to better address and serve the needs of people on income assistance. Charlene  Moore of Nova Scotia Legal Aid, and I are offering to show the DVD and facilitate workshops with groups of up to about 20 people at mutually convenient dates and times.

Groups would need to provide a DVD machine with a projector and a screen.  The workshops

would last about 1.5 hours.

If anyone is interested or they want more information, please contact Stella Lord:


phone: 902 477 0094

My Week on Welfare- Official Trailer

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