St. Paul’s Church has a number of outreach programmes:

St. Paul’s Home

Via its Board of Management. Currently, St. Paul’s Home owns seven homes (including the original Tower Road building) in residential areas, within which specialized programs for troubled youth take place. Most of these homes serve as small group home residences for youth who would otherwise have nowhere to live. Phoenix Centre for Youth is an exception, and consists of a walk in center for street youth who require services and are trying to exit the street.

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FISH Coffee House

Dear Fish Cafe Family,
Hello! We are missing you, and thinking of you. Our time of gathering is, we very much hope, again soon at hand. During the distancing times, we’ve been renovating the Fish spaces with a new paint job and some newly donated furniture. We are really looking forward to showing you the new space and happy to say that our Saturday FISH gatherings will start again as soon as renovations are complete!  We will post here about it (when we have the exact date). You can also phone the St Paul’s office at 902-429-2241 for updates, or check for updates.  It’s taking so much longer than we had hoped … but that’s typical of renovations.
We are really look forward to seeing you again soon!
Fish Cafe Hosting Team

The FISH Coffeehouse was established in 2002 and serves the downtown community of Halifax with patrons of all ages coming from throughout Halifax and Dartmouth. It provides a quiet place to enjoy coffee, snacks, games and conversation. It is located in St. Paul’s Parish House. Saturday evenings 6-8 PM! All ages are welcomed.

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The Rector’s Lunch

During the unusual COVID days, our Lunch Team has been preparing take-away lunches (sandwiches, home-made desserts, drinks).  People line up outside and wait for their invitation to enter (please wear a mask before coming in the building, we have disposables if you have none).  The Rector is on-site as well to greet people and chat.

The Rector’s Lunch has been a part of parish life and one of the parish missions of St. Paul’s Church since the summer of 2007. The only advertisement it has ever posted remains at the church porch, announcing the weekly time—and an invitation with the words, “There is such a thing as a Free Lunch! No cost. No sermons. No strings attached.” But the word has gotten around. In fact, the rector of St. Paul’s is hardly the centre of the Rector’s Lunch, though he treasures the seat he is typically guaranteed as its host, every Wednesday at noon in the church’s Memorial Room, just after the ‘firing of the noon gun’ on Citadel Hill above St. Paul’s.  With COVID19 restrictions now in place … our popular lunch gathering has shifted a bit.  Noon is currently when people may line up outside our front doors to have their turn at coming in and receiving a ‘take-away’ lunch (since we can’t gather inside).  Recipients must follow safe-distancing and wear a mask at all times (some can be provided in the entry-way [Narthex] if you don’t have one).

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Holly House

The Holly House is a combination of Elizabeth Fry’s offices and single occupancy rooms for women. Holly House offers a shared kitchen, common room, shared bathrooms, plus in-house laundry facilities. The house provides safe, affordable housing for women for up to one year. Holly House is not a half-way house. All women in the community are eligible to submit an application.  Elizabeth Fry’s professional staff will help develop a Personal Transition plan, education and employment exploration, housing search support, community resources referrals, and personal development programming.  St. Paul’s began supporting Holly House in 2020, and accepts monetary donations of any amount on their behalf.  For Christmas 2020, the volunteers are accepting donations of gift cards to place in their CHRISTMAS BINS which will be gifted to the women who are under the Holly House care.  Here is their video explaining the details:



Currently in Recess: Newcomers Sponsorship Committee

St. Paul’s Parish Council formed a Refugee Sponsorship Committee to proceed with plans to bring a refugee family to Halifax. The motion was coupled with commitment and support for the task. We have all become aware of the plight of refugees in several nations, and at the time of forming this committee, Syria’s brutal civil war was at the forefront of the parish’s mind. The UN reported that there were 4 million refugees outside the country with little hope of returning to Syria safely. Half of these uprooted are children who have been traumatized by war, robbed of an education, forced from their homes and living in exile.  The mission to assist a Syrian family in establishing a safe and healthy home here in Halifax was a success thanks to God, and our parish remains in contact regularly with the family.

This Committee is currently in-active, however intends to resume in the future.


For details about any of our Outreach programmes or other occasional outreach events,
please contact the parish office at