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Parish House Series -The Tatamagouche Exhibition: Opening, 7 pm on Friday, 29 April running to Tuesday 24 May  at the Grace Jollymore Joyce Arts Centre at Creamery Square, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

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April 10,2016

A reflection offered to us on the Easter neo-icon in our presence in the Chancel:  “It is both beautiful and powerful. To me it is a landscape as well as an abstract work and it evokes the stormy blood and dirt of Earthly life and moves us up into the blazing grace and energy of the Holy Spirit and into the brilliant transformative cloud of the resurrected Jesus and the potential to proceed towards the heavens where there is all of the beautiful peaceful blue.  I also love the colours and how the painting is a focal point of colours that fit so beautifully within our multi-coloured church so wonderfully.  The painting is so blessed and I find provides me with another way to get closer to God.” – Mary Lynch

Feb 28, 2016

“Innovative ministry lauded” Earlier this week, Rev’d Lisa Vaughn, Diocesan Parish Vitality Coordinator, visited with our Rector and Ian McKinnon to learn about our Artist-in-Residence initiative. We, the Wardens of St. Paul’s, wish to share with you this “affirmation” received from her:  “For two years St. Paul’s has raised up and supported the creative ministry of an Artist-In-Residence. Gifted abstract painter and NSCADU part-time faculty, Ian McKinnon, has introduced this congregation to innovative and captivating additions to liturgy with his colourful paintings. His curating exhibitions of other artists’ work and the bridging to and from the art school and wider professional art community are wonderful examples of mission in the local context. Relationships with those outside the church are being cultivated through the visionary leadership of the Rev’d. Dr. Paul Friesen, Ian and other supportive parishioners. Mission is all about turning outward and creating sacred spaces to engage with people who seek to encounter The Divine in fresh ways. As the Diocesan Parish Vitality Coordinator, I wish to commend Ian, Rev. Paul and all the supportive leaders at St. Paul’s, for this arts-related mission initiative. We will share your model with other parish leaders as they discern how to use the gifting God has given them in their own particular context. BRAVO!

– In Christ Jesus, The Rev’d. Lisa Vaughn”


THE NSCADU PORT LOGGIA SHOW: The show dates for my NSCADU Port Loggia show are confirmed! Friday, 16 January 2016 to Sunday, 31 January 2016 inclusive. There will be a NSCADU sponsored reception at noon hour on Friday, 16 January.

The third painting to be embedded in our liturgy at St. Paul's is titled " all saints" and is the fourth of a newly emerged theme of paintings in Ian's studio work at Parish House.

The third painting to be embedded in our liturgy at St. Paul’s is titled ” all saints” and is the fourth of a newly emerged theme of paintings in Ian’s studio work at Parish House.

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Visual Arts Nova Scotia is delighted to officially announce the participants of the 10th anniversary VANS Mentorship Program, with established artist and mentor-Ian McKinnon- click here

Artist-in-Residence Press Release:

Foundation drawing teacher Ian McKinnon has been named artist-in-residence at St. Paul’s Anglican Church—the first to hold the position since the church was founded in 1749.

“This was out of the blue for me. I got a text just as I was turning in one night. The rector (Paul Friesen) reported that the Parish Council had discussed it and would I accept?” says Ian, seated in one of the well-worn pews of the historic church, the oldest surviving non-Roman Catholic church in Canada and the oldest building in Halifax.

He’s honored by the role and the “great generosity and real enthusiasm” in which it was offered to him. “As I understand it, the position is mine to make.”

A 1980 graduate of NSCAD, Ian has worked throughout his career as a studio-based artist and teacher to integrate the artistic and the spiritual; he regards his artistic practice as being a conversation between theology and contemporary art.

“I’ve always felt the making of art—not just the content of my art—to be meditative and contemplative. And that’s how I came to the Christian faith, through my art practice,” he explains.

In 2008, he chose to delve deeper into his dual roles as an artist and a person of faith and applied to Trinity College at the University of Toronto for a master’s degree in Theological Studies. His thesis, entitled Mutual Illumination and the Artist: Dispossession, Disinterested Love and Making Other, was both a personal examination of his artistic output through a theological lens and a questioning of how/why theology and the art world became so separate over the centuries when once in lock step. Think of Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel or Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper.

After doing his master’s degree (he also has a MFA from Concordia), the next logical step would seem to be entering the priesthood. Ian thought so too, but now believes he has not been called to be a parish priest, but to continue in his vocation as an artist/teacher. Being named artist-in-residence is a joyful affirmation of that belief. He hopes to make St. Paul’s more open to hosting art exhibitions, like the one held just before Christmas; Perceptions and Perspectives was an exhibition of drawings of St. Paul’s interior by students in his first-year drawing class.

He will also be able to set up a studio in Parish House, located just across the street from St. Paul’s, and hopes to return to painting.

According to a press release sent out by the church, “St. Paul’s artist-in-residence program was recently established to support and invigorate the historic role of St. Paul’s in Halifax, and to return St. Paul’s to the centre of the Halifax’s art conversation. Its aim is to bring together artists, advocates, educators, and government officials to exchange ideas and develop conversations that strengthen the reciprocal relationship between the arts and St. Paul’s Church.”

“St. Paul’s is rebranding itself, if you will, and rebuilding its connections to arts and culture amidst its uninterrupted 264 year old calling to the worship of the transcendent, its nurturing of spiritual disciplines and its social outreach to the marginalized of our downtown neighbourhood,” says Ian. “I’m happy to be here to encourage things to happen.”

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