Exhibition-Peggy Toole


Jour­ney to Joy a Spir­i­tu­al Pil­grim­age through Draw­ing and paint­ing
Octo­ber 4th to Octo­ber 24th, 2014

It is worth pon­der­ing that joy is expe­ri­enced where mys­tery is encoun­tered. The root of our Eng­lish word mys­tery is in the Greek mys­te­ri­on: divine rev­e­la­tion. For Chris­tians we under­stand the Sacra­ments (sacra­men­tum being the Latin trans­la­tion of mys­te­ri­on) of our faith to be the out­ward and vis­i­ble signs of inward and spir­i­tu­al grace. How fit­ting that art be reclaimed as a ves­sel and con­duit for expe­ri­enc­ing joy, for encoun­ter­ing mys­tery.
May we all accept Toole’s invi­ta­tion to accom­pa­ny her on her jour­ney and in doing so join her on our col­lec­tive pil­grim­age.
Ian McK­in­non, Artist-in-Res­i­dence St. Paul’s Angli­can Church