Exhibition-Jessica Wiebe


Bearing Arms B(e)aring Wounds
One woman’s witnessing to the space between war and healing St. Paul’s Anglican Church November 8th to 24th, 2014

We may not have found ourselves in a situation where we have been compelled to bear arms in the sense of the title of this exhibition, but we have and do arm ourselves. We may not have been wounded in a physical or emotional sense in a particular theatre of war, but we do bear the scars of harm done to us. Our wounds may be old or new, bandaged or left unattended, they may be visible – or not. Our wounds may be consciously concealed and we may even have wounds only others, but not we ourselves, can see. By accepting Wiebe’s invitation we accompany her through her pilgrimage. We bear witness to her practice and the resulting artworks – these thresholds where two realities can be experienced simultaneously. The gift of her art is a gift of space and time where we will encounter the moment when the bandages of language and discourse are stripped back and the truth of the living wounds is laid bare – the wounds of life in need of healing and simultaneously the wounds that extend life to us. We cannot separate the two. It is through these very wounds that Grace offers itself to us.

Ian McKinnon, November 2014

In memoriam: Sgt. James R. McKinnon, CD 1919 – 1976